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Many thanks for all of your support leading up and following the Pope’s visit. We were overwhelmed with the experiences of that week. Here are some highlights: starting off the week with a Papal Pep Rally with our SWM supporters; welcoming the Equally Blessed pilgrims to the World Meeting of Families;

  • speaking at the LGBT forum on faith and sexuality; standing on the White House lawn as guests of the Human Rights Campaign welcoming Pope Francis to the United States;
  • greeting Pope Francis’ motorcade from the steps of the offices of the Human Rights Campaign, under their sign: “We are your children, your teachers, your faithful. Welcomed by God. Dismissed by our bishops. Pope Francis, will you welcome us home?”
  • watching Pope Francis’ speech to the joint session of Congress from the Capitol lawn with Carrie and Jake Santoro and Metty, Chris, Lela, and Arjay Miller--thanks to Senator Bob Casey;
  • picnicking with the Catholic LGBT community, including the host, Mark Segal, Democratic mayoral candidate, Jim Kenney, members of Dignity, New Ways Ministry, Fortunate Families, Call to Action, Owning our Faith, and Believe Outloud; cheering as Pope Francis spoke from Abraham Lincoln’s podium at Independence Hall;
  • getting a glimpse of the Festival of Families;
  • being filmed throughout Saturday’s Papal Visit by our HBO Vice cameraman, Greg;
  • enjoying an impromptu, delicious dinner at Jack’s Firehouse in Fairmount;
  • celebrating liturgy with Pope Francis on the Ben Franklin Parkway.
  • All along the way we were blessed to have been accompanied by friends and supporters, many from the WMA community. We took all of you in our hearts to these events and hope that Pope Francis and the greater Catholic community have been touched by our witness.

    In mercy,
    Margie Winters & Andrea Vettori

    #StandWithMargie #StopTheFirings

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There are Other "Margies"

New Ways Ministry builds bridges between the LGBT Community and the Catholic Church. We're sharing their collection of LGBT employees who have been dismissed in the past few years.

Andrea's Letter to the Pope

Your Holiness, It is with profound sadness that I write to you today. My partner of 14 years, Margie Winters, was terminated from her Job as the Director of Religious Education ...

Call to Action

Thank you to Call to Action for their support and for helping bring attention to the injustice that exists for LGBT Catholics. Link includes key email addresses of interest.

All Out

Thank You All Out for your support. Over 42,000 signatures asking the Pope to meet with Margie and Andrea. Inclusion is a conversation Catholics want to have and the Pope has the power to make this this conversation happen. Please consider signing the petition and sharing it with your friends.


Margie and Andrea are focusing their efforts on changing the Catholic Church's stance on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons. Please consider signing our change.org petition to urge Pope Francis to stop the firing of LGBT church workers, meet Margie Winters and LGBT catholics.

Faithful America

Thank you to over 22,000 supporters who signed Faithful America's petition to get Margie's job back. This petition was presented to the Archdiocese om Monday, August 3rd and brought critical attention to the firings of LGBT Catholics and demonstrating how much supprt there is for change.

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